Bon Voyage… To Say “I Do”

Bon Voyage… To Say “I Do”

Bon Voyage and To Say “I Do”
April 22, 2015. @ 1:50pm

On 04-17-2015 She said yes. Who? One might be asking… well the woman of my dreams! She is the embodiment of everything I’m attracted to yet so much more. Destiny allowed our paths to intertwine together a year ago and it’s been quite a ride ever since. I knew before the first date I went on with her that I would marry her, even though she hadn’t the slightest clue.

Fast forward to a few months ago I had a new hunch or unction one might say. To find my way across the Atlantic to Europe some way some how. I knew London was the new Mecca of Jazz and they were missing me they just didn’t know it. I started telling people I needed to get there, and they said no stay put so forth and etc. I talked to my Gf about it and much to my surprise she told me I needed to go for. She knew what I felt in my heart to be true. There was nothing left for me to do in Phoenix and my time had come to put up or shut up. She supported me 6 months earlier as well when I decided to go against conventional wisdom and pursue music full-time and not look for another job. She stuck by me as I got evicted because I had no money and no “gigs” that I searched for in town. All the events were looking for cover bands, funk, top-20 and I have no interest in that sort of thing. Been there done that (no offense to those who do, to each his own) and I wasn’t settling for that again. I quickly realized I needed to be where people wanted to hear what I could do and not just dismiss it as “that sounds nice but it’s not _______ “ (fill in the blank)- I talked to her in my frustration about how I felt I went backwards and didn’t understand why I wanted so much but could do so little. But, It was her comforting soft voice that stilled my heart like so many times before and reassured me that I was indeed on the right track as I felt deep inside. Within no time (because I didn’t work a 9-5 and started putting out new music and promoting my new album “The Next Dimension” I had a chance conversation with a professional musician) I received word that if I made it to London I would be connected with the opportunities I sought! So I wasted no time and told her I was taking the next leap of faith I faced. Finding a way to leave Az to achieve my ultimate goal. Not only did she support my decision to leave for London but she willingly told me she was leaving all behind to come with me on my journey.

The Woman of my dreams was truly on board and believed in me with more than words. She believed in me with all her soul. I had no reservations about proposing to her. There was no way I could deny her my total commitment and make her my wife after that. I owed her that and sooooo much more for sticking by my side. So with no ring, no money, and a whole bunch of Love I proposed and she gladly accepted. I always tell her she deserves so much more than I can give her but she constantly reminds me all she wants is my love. I promised her to one day give her the world… and I am a man of my word. So we leave for England on July 27th and my whole life has changed in one week. A journey across the ocean to fulfill the dreams I had since I was a little boy. To play my music on a stage, and an unexpected love that fate granted me along the way.
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